I made a post on this topic on February 3rd.
Below the asterisks is text from that original post for reference.
The responses I received pointed to issues of earlier versions, such as mixed 
Acrobat versions, font mapping, etc. none of which were relevant for me. I did 
get a response that the rasterized pdf imports are a known problem and that a 
bug has been filed.
Doing more research, I found that by checking the "Convert CMYK to RGB" box 
that all of the issues went away, and that the result is then the same as if 
"print to PDF" were used. 
NOTE: The documented issues of Save As vs Print have never been a problem for 
our use/operations using earlier versions. Now, by checking this box, the same 
is true for Version 9.

The bottom line is that the "Preserve CMYK"  feature is seriously trashed on 
several fronts. It is like a reincarnation of the issues of years ago when 
folks were trying to create pdf files using printers other than the virtual one 
recommeded or using non-postscript printers to create pdf. At this time, if you 
need to preserve your CMYK, my message is "you all be careful out there". For 
the rest of you, check the box to turn off the preservation and life will be 
I just loaded Tech Comm Suite 2 onto a brand new Dell Precision M6300.
I was using Frame 8 & Acrobat 8 on a Dell Latitude until this week.
I have always used the Save As PDF, both for Web versions of small size and 
print versions of high quality with excellent results on the Latitude. This has 
always been seamless and wonderful.
When I opened the Frame file in Version 9 and did a Save As to Acrobat Version 
9, using exactly the same settings, the PDF file became unusable garbage on 
several fronts:
Fonts were not mapped correctly. (They were a disaster)
Simple raster images became heavily pixelated and garbage (worse than the image 
in Frame)
Problems included, but were not limited to:
*Impact font did not map at all, became boxes.
*Arial Black was mapped to Times.
*Random areas had strings of characters mapped to different characters, whereas 
other characters using the exact same font and settings mapped OK.
*The file included (Import by reference) PDFs created from Word that have 
several different fonts. These fonts were rasterized garbage, whereas in 
Version 8 they were pass-through fonts that were great at any zoom setting.
*I have Adobe PDF set as the default printer.
I tried different job options and font embedding settings with absolutely no 
difference in the output results. It was like most settings were being ignored 
and was like it was trying to use a non-postscript printer (not Adobe PDF) to 
create the PDF. Postscript functions were not working, that is for sure.

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