I have just started to use FM professionally, having started about 2 months
ago, and I was soon going to post exactly this type of question.
To avoid this being just a "yup, me too" type of response, I suppose I'd
better add something of some intelligence.

It is worth remembering that the Word VBA DOM is by no means trivial to
learn, and indeed it has to be complex in order to offer the type of control
over Word that we want. I am expecting FrameScript to be no simpler. However
since we already know VBA, then at least we know what to look for in another
 DTP scripting system. On the other hand, sometimes the model is completely

In addition, as well as asking what FrameScript does do, I suppose it is
worth asking the negative, straight: i.e., if anybody out there knows both
VBA and FrameScript well enough to tell us immediately if there are specific
abilities  that VBA does that FrameScript does NOT do, which would be
particularly significant.


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 2:30 AM, Brewster, Christopher C <
christopher.c.brewster at lmco.com> wrote:

> I'm a long-time Word user and have written countless large and small
> programs with Word VBA. Many are to add functionality to the program and
> many others are to perform such tasks as format conversion. I'm unclear
> if there's an equivalent for Framemaker. I'd like to hear from users of
> the SDK and Framescript. Are these meant for the kind of modest
> extensions that people create with VBA, and how much effort is needed
> for a typical addition? What's kind of learning curve do these have, and
> how long does it typically take a non-genius to gain a usable level of
> skill? Thanks for any advice.
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