>> You should seriously consider changing this practice in favor of placing
the table title inside the title box that is an optional part of the table
You are right.
Ok, did it.

I see now that that also immediately correctly the jumping problem.
Not exactly sure yet why it fixed it, but fix it it did.



On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Fred Ridder <docudoc at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Avi Makeler wrote:
> > I have this small table, which certainly fits on one page, that prefers
> > jumping to the next page. I found no 'problem' with any of the table rows
> > that should cause this. I put the table anchor on the table caption line.
> I
> > see that the "Keep With Next" of the table caption is set to true (to the
> > credit of the original author of this doc - not me). On all the table
> rows,
> > 'Keep With Next' is set to false (no heading row), which is also correct.
> If I correctly understand what you are saying, you have a regular paragraph
> that contains both the title (or caption) of the table plus the anchor for
> the table itself. If so, you should seriously consider changing this
> practice
> in favor of placing the table title inside the title box that is an
> optional part
> of the table object. This approach has several advantages:
> - it keeps all parts of the table within the table object
> - the horizontal position of the title is always relative to the table
> itself
>    (e.g. it moves when a wide table spans a sidehead area)
> - it provides better control over the space between the table and its title
>    and between the table title and the surrounding text
> - whatever text is in the title box automatically repeats on each page if
>    the table spans multiple pages
> - within the title box you are able to insert the Table Continueation or
>    Table Sheet system variables that differentiate continuation pages
>    from the first page of a table
> In fact, the advantages of the table title box are so strong that many
> users choose to insert their figures inside a single-cell table just to
> encapsulate the graphic and its caption as a single object.
> > So I decided to see what would happen if I set the caption's 'Keep With
> > Next' to false.
> > Lo and behold ... the table repositions itself to where it is supposed to
> > be.
> >
> > Tentative conclusion: it seems that the setting:
> > "Keep With Next" = true
> > of the table caption (or maybe of the table anchor on that line) is
> > percolating down through all the table rows even though they themselves
> have
> > that setting set to false.
> The fact that the paragraph that contains the table anchor also
> happens to be the table caption is irrelevant because the caption
> is not really connected to the object that is the table. When you
> set that paragraph to "keep with next", it is trying to keep it's
> pilcrow (paragraph mark) on the same page as the start of the
> next paragraph of text in the text flow. And since the table anchor
> is *before* the pilcrow, FrameMaker will break the page early to
> try to keep the caption paragraph as close as possible to the
> following text paragraph regardless of the presence of the table.
> In other words, the "next" that the caption is trying to stay with
> is *NOT* the table object; the table is actually part of the caption
> paragraph because its anchor is before the pilcrow.
> -Fred Ridder

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