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> Actually that is interesting. While it has not happened on my machine I
> have experienced that with others who are using both 7.1, 7.2 and 8. When
> the bar is unlocked from the menu they rotate correctly. That is, as a
> floating palette.
> Alan Litchfield MBus (Hons), MNZCS
> >
> > I've got two writers with the same unique problem. They've both had
> > FrameMaker 7.1 installed on Windows XP machines. Neither of them can
> > rotate the quick access tool bar by hitting the blue up/down arrows or
> > by choosing next/previous from the center button. Any ideas before I
> > call our help desk for a re-install?
> >
> > -Nicole

Dear Nicole and Alan,

I had the same problem on FM installations in the Technical Universtity 
in Zurich (ETH). After long investigations, i have found out the 

If FM is installed without admin privileges then this problem occurs. 
It is strange, but there are so many programs which do not behave 
without admin rights at insallation time...

Klaus Daube
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