Maximum quality Automatic (JPEG) compression with downsampling to 300dpi for 
over 450dpi should maintain exceptionally high quality for photographic images 
JPEG compression and ZIP compression for vector-like images (such as screen 

Alternatively, maximum Automatic (JPEG2000) compression will yield similar 
at a slightly larger PDF file size.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Acrobat Distiller Settings for Images
> Hi All,
> When I print a framemaker book, I first save it as a PS file and then use
> acrobat distiller to transform the PS file into a PDF. I have been fiddling
> with the Adobe PDF settings for Distiller to see if I can get better quality
> graphics. However, considering the size of the documents I am pdfing, I need
> to be careful with PDF file size. For example, removing Image compression
> transforms a 200 kb pdf into a 1.45 mb.
> So here's my question: what image and color settings do you use in acrobat
> distiller in order to get the best quality graphics for the smallest file
> size?
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> Sincerely,
> Joseph Lorenzini

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