Hi Sue!

It is not a table on the reference pages, but a specific page itself - the TOC 
reference page which will have a matching flow tag of TOC

You'll see a number of paragraph with text such as <$paratext> <$pagenum> and 
if you click in these they will have tag names like Heading1TOC, Heading2TOC, 

You can edit these to include a number of different building blocks, including 
<$paranum> to extract the autonumber of the paragraph in your document.? There 
is also a <$chapnum> building block.? Other text, such as a tab character, 
dashes or spaces, that you manually enter in the "template" paras on the ref 
page will be included in the generated document for all entries of the 
specified styles.

You can format these paragraphs in traditional fashion through the paragraph
 designer, such as adding a tab stop with leader dots (you will have to add the 
tab character itself in the paragraph on the reference page) or setting indents 
so Heading 2's are offset below their Heading 1 entries.

In the end, you should have paragraphs on the ref page something like this 
(where <t> is a tab character):


Once you have created a TOC, you should make these changes on the reference 
page of the TOC file itself, not in the individual files themself.?? You can 
also save the TOC to use as a template for other books, if all your 
documentation uses the same paragrpah styles.

I hope this helps...

? Les

--- On Sat, 2/14/09, Sue Curtzwiler <susancu at vmc.com> wrote:
Hi All: 

I am using FM7 with Distiller 5 and Vista Enterprise. 

I could really use some help with the building blocks of a 
TOC for a  book. My Frame7 Users Guide tells me that on the
Reference page I will find a table for special
 text flow
for the TOC. 

There are several tables on the Ref pages, but nothing 
clearly marked for TOC or Indexes. 
My concentration right now is to get a TOC with the 
following formatting resolved:

1. Chapter numbers to clearly show up and set aside somewhat
   from the actual entries (and in the side bar of the PDF).
2. Spacing with leader dots between entry and page number.
3. Show chapter number and page number, such as 2-5.

I have successfully generated the original TOC list, but 
what am I missing to get the rest of this finished? 

Thanks for your help. 

Sue Curtzwiler 
susancu at vmc.com

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