Hello Jon,

> I have examined my files and notice that the
> heading text that is displayed is typically the
> first major heading (such as Heading1) that
> FM encounters in the file but not always.

As far as I know, only the text in the main flow
is considered for the book component heading.
Text in other flows is not considered.

Unstructured FrameMaker can not differentiate
between regular paragraphs and heading paragraphs.
So just the first paragraph in the main flow that
contains any text is considered for the heading.
Leading (regular) spaces in the text are skipped.

> for some files (but not all) in the book,
> FM will always show the file name

If a document contains no main flow, or no paragraph
with text in the main flow, FrameMaker will use the
file path (relative to the book path) for the book
component heading.

Beyond this, the heading text can be overriden by a
plugin or framescript. So I have written a script that
uses the heading text to display only the filename
or the full path of the book comps (instead of the
relative path).

The content of the book component headings is refreshed
(and automatically set to the first paragraph text)
on every book update.

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