Fellow FrameUsers,

We just recently upgraded to FrameMaker 9 and are beginning to find
things that are a kind of inconvenient. One such issue is that when I
close all the chapters in a book, leaving just the book file open, the
Quick Access tool bar disappears. This is frustrating because if I want
to spell-check the book (all the chapters in the book), I need to
reactivate the Quick Access tool bar. My question is, is there a way to
keep the Quick Access tool bar active all the time? Is there a shortcut
key for spell-checking?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Doug Mckinney

Technical Publications

Datron World Communications Inc.

1808 Aston Ave. Suite 230

Carlsbad CA 92008

760 602-7001

dmckinney at dtwc.com <http://www.dmckinney at dtwc.com/> 

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