Trish wrote:

> I mistakenly moved the Quick Access Bar with my mouse.  

> Now I can't get it to move back up.  It now sets apart like 

> the catalog and is in the way.  I've reviewed the Customizing 

> Frame Products document, but can't seem to figure out how 

> to move this back.  I'd have thought dragging it back would 

> work, but it doesn't.  I'm also not able to resize it.  I'm in 

> Frame 8.

In FrameMaker 8, Adobe's terminology says that the Quick Access

toolbar has two modes: horizontal (part of the menu bar) and 

vertical ("torn off" into a separate palette). When you'r in the 

horizontal mode, the 2nd button from the left (just right of the

question mark button) selects the vertical mode and tears off

the toolbar. When the toolbar is in the vertical mode (which 

never has been resizeable, BTW), the upper-right button "pivots"

the toolbar back to horizontal mode and redocks it below the 

menu bar.

Intuitive and user-friendly, right? </Fe>

-Fred Ridder

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