Spectrum Writing wrote:
> Framemaker 7.2, Windows XP, SP3.
> I have a TOC that after generation is only one page. For a variety of
> reasons, I need this to be two pages. Currently, the first page is page 5. I
> have the pagination set to First Page, which is indeed for an odd page, and
> I have Set Page Count to Even and I save the file with these options;
> however, after generation of the book, the TOC still resets to one page -
> page 5 only and this simply will not work for what I need to do.  I have the
> file afterwards set to start on Next Available.

...which puts it on the reverse side of your TOC.
> What do I need to do to get the TOC page count to remain even after
> generation?

In the Book Window, change the file afterwards to start on either Left 
or Right, whichever will be odd-numbered in your pagination scheme. 
That will cause FM to insert a blank even-numbered page before that 
file, i.e., on the reverse of the TOC.


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