Thank you, Fred. That worked.

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at  4:24 PM, Fred Ridder wrote:

Nancy Allison wrote:
> Weirdest problem EVAH.
> I cannot create a lowercase mu (can't do it in this email neithah, but 
> that's because verizon webmail doesn't provide symbol font).
> I've tried it two ways: Numlock + ALT + 0109 and apply Symbol font. 
> Or, type lowercase m and apply symbol font.
> In both cases, I get the capital mu, not the lc one.
> I've done it successfully lots of other times. What's happening now?

Can't say what's happening now. But the fact is that you simply don't 
have to mess with Symbol font to get a lower-case mu. Most standard 
Windows fonts have a lower-case mu (?) at code point 0181.

-Fred Ridder

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