Hello all.

This list has been so helpful to me, I'm hoping you can help once again!

The main question is, "Can FrameMaker variables be part of a hypertext link 
without losing their formatting in CHMs generated using WebWorks?"

The Context
* Using both FrameMaker 7.0 and 7.2 (not at the same time, of course!)
* Generating a CHM file using Webworks Publisher 2003

The Goal
To create a hypertext marker (in the format: "message URL 
<helpFile>.chm::/<topicName>.htm") embedded in a phrase (such as "<productName> 
<schemaHelpName>"), for example: "WidgitWorld Cool Schema Help".

Additional Factors and Complications
<productName> is a FrameMaker variable containing the product name (for 
example, the variable contains "WidgitWorld").
<schemaHelpName> is FrameMaker text, three words (for example, "Cool Schema 
The entire phrase, productName> <schemaHelpName>, has a character tag applied 
to it.
The entire phrase comprises the link; we want the entire phrase (all four 
words) to visually be part of the link.
The marker is somewhere in the middle of the phrase -- not before the variable, 
obviously not in the variable, and not right after the variable... The marker 
is applied by selecting the entire phrase.

The Problem
Sometimes, in an intermittent fashion, hypertext links of this sort don't 
display correctly in the CHM. Some do, some don't. The character tag format 
disappears off either the entire <productName> text or just the first couple of 
letters of the <productName> text.

The Solution
Is there one? Can FrameMaker handle variables that are part of hypertext links?


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