Avi Makeler asked:> Ok, I typed those things in the Command and Syntax fields.
> Now where is the OK (or Set) button ...?
> (I tried clicking on *Make View-Only *and it locked up my book. Then it neda
> frantic call to a friend to get myself unlocked...)

How about the "New Hypertext Marker" button?

Also, your precedure should start with applying a character format to the 
address string as it appears in the text. This defines the "hot spot" for the
hypertext command. If you don't apply a character format (which doesn't
necessarily need to make anything *look* different, although that is 
generally a good idea for usability), the the active area for the hypertext
command will extend all the way to the end of the paragraph.

Then use Ctrl+C to copy the string to the clipboard. This allows you to
paste it into the Hypertext marker syntax box rather than having to 
retype it and possibly make a typo. You'll still have to type the "mailto:"; 
manually, though.

-Fred Ridder

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