Hi Sara,

Choose View > Menus > Complete and you should see the rest of the Find 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Hi Framers,
> Windows XP SP2, FM 7.2
> In the Find/Change dialog box, the Find list is incomplete. The list
> shows the first 11 items (Text, Character Format, Paragraph Tag,
> Character Tag, Any Text Inset, Unresolved Text Inset, Any Publisher,
> Anchored Frame, Footnote, Any Table, and Table Tag), but I can't access
> search options such as variables or conditional text. The scroll bar
> does not appear for the list, and scrolling down with the arrow keys or
> the mouse does not work.
> I have closed and reopened Frame; I have restarted my computer; I have
> opened the dialog box in a single document, in the book file, in a blank
> document -- in each case, the same, partial Find list appears.
> Any ideas what I can do to access the rest of the Find list?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sara

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