Did you ever get an answer to this question?
   Generated files are unstructured documents so there is no to import 
element definitions from an EDD into them.
   Are the Title elements really being ignored, or do they result in 
entries with no visible content? There are are least two reasons the latter 
could happen. One is that the generated content (as determined by the TOC 
reference page) may be empty. The other is that when an element contains 
more than one paragraph, only the first paragraph contributes to TOC 
entries. If a Title begins with a paragraph with no visible content, then 
the paragraph text will not contribute visible text to the TOC.

At 02:25 PM 12/11/2008, Adriana Harper wrote:
>I am also trying to produce a TOC based on several structured files I
>have put into a book.  They consist of Document (highest level element),
>with Titles, Section, and Head.  When I generate my TOC based only on
>Title, it is blank. When I generate it based on Head, the heads used in
>the files appear correctly. When I base it on Section, it is also OK.
>Is it because my Section is a child of the Title element, so it is not
>Why is Title being ignored?
>Is it because I need to import an EDD into my TOC? DO I need to import
>EDDs into my TOC?

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