Just want to wish everyone on the list 'Happy New Year' and say thanks for all 
the time saving tips.?I'm happily continuing to use Frame 7 and believe that 
Framemaker still cannot be touched for reliable single sourcing and long 
document processing.

My tip for the New Year: A Simple Way to Rename Conditions

For a training project, I found it helpful to rename a set of six conditions in 
order to keep the condition names self-documenting. This actually happened 3 or 
4 times over the course of the project, while my understanding of the training 
roles improved.

Came up with the following simple method of renaming conditions:
1. Make a copy of the entire book for safekeeping.
2. Use the Robohelp MIF dll to automatically save all book files as MIF in a 
single directory.
3. Open all MIF files simultaneously in EditPadLite 
(http://www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html). You may want to sort the tabs 
alphabetically (View> Sort Files Alphabetically).
4. In the EditPadLite Search and Replace panel, set the search and replace text.
5. Click the All Files checkbox to apply a single search and replace action to 
all open files, then click Replace All.
6. Repeat step 5 for each condition name to be changed.
7. In EditPadLite, save all the updated MIF files (File > Save All), then 
reopen in Framemaker.

Ben Hechter 
bhechter at objectives.ca

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