Avraham Makeler wrote:
> Ok, I see now how in the Find window, you specify Character format > Blue
> and Underline.
> But I still don't see how you specify the new style to apply to all the hits
> you get from the Find.

If you follow Art's instructions, you will have copied the new Character 
Format onto your clipboard.  In the Find/Change dialog box, use the 
pull-down list to select Change By Pasting (instead of the default 
Change To Text).

>> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Art Campbell <art.campbell at 
>> gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Create your character style.
>>> Apply it to a word, then select it and Copy Special > Character Format.
>>> In the Find window, specify Character format > Blue and Underline.
>>> Replace by Pasting.
>>> There are also a couple of plugins that identify format over-rides,
>>> which may be useful.
>>> Art
>>> Art Campbell

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