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>This is an ePublisher issue. I have run into it.  You can search 
>characters on the ePublisher support page:
>"Wingdings characters present a particular challenge when working 
>with HTML-based content. Since Wingdings (as well as a few other 
>"symbol" fonts) conflicts with the Unicode character map, many 
>browsers simply don't support it. Internet Explorer skirts the 
>issue and displays these characters correctly."

Yes, there is a browser issue here, but it is tractable.  Mif2Go
handles it automatically for almost all Wingdings and Symbol chars,
and provides a simple way to map any others.  From the User's Guide:

20.5.6 Mapping characters in a special font

Characters in special fonts such as Wingdings or Webdings might 
not be rendered correctly by non-Microsoft browsers; see ?20.6.5, 
"Accommodating browser font-rendering differences." However, you 
can direct Mif2Go to replace a character in any font with its 
Unicode equivalent, or with an image, or with any HTML code, by 
providing a macro section for that font in your configuration file.

The following Web site suggests mappings from Symbol and Wingdings 
characters to the closest Unicode code points:


With the kind permission of Alan Wood, we have incorporated these 
mappings as defaults for all Mif2Go HTML conversions. The defaults 
should handle all Symbol characters (except for one, the radical 
extender) and the majority of Wingdings characters. You can override 
the defaults, or set mappings for any characters that have no 
equivalent Unicode representation.

We suggest that other vendors may want to do the same; Alan Wood's
mappings are free for the asking, and the programming task is simple.

WRT the OP's question, the Alan Wood site has mappings for your 
Wingdings, but not for your Monotype Sorts.  You can, however,
scan through the Unicode tables Wood references to find Unicode
equivalents, which *all* browsers should support.



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