Milan Davidovic wrote:
> (I tried Google for the answer to this one, but with no luck; if you
> know how to make the answer appear, I'd be happy to know how too... )
> I thought that a pilcrow appearing before the tag name in character
> catalog meant that the tag in question was used in a paragraph format,
> but I can't seem to make one appear there myself.
> Am I interpreting the pilcrow correctly? Might there be some reason
> why I can't get one to appear there myself? I made the para format,
> incorporated a char format, saved, closed the doc and Frame itself and
> reopened, but nothing new in the catalog.

Incorporated a char format...?  Do you mean you used a char format in 
autonumbering?  Even so, I've never seen a pilcrow in the char catalog. 
  I think the only place I see it is in the status bar, where the flow, 
pgf and char tag names are shown.

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