Dear Framers

FM8.0p266, unstructured. Windows Vista.

I have just upgraded to FM8 this week and was really looking forward to
using the new boolean expression feature for conditional text, which in
theory should improve my workflow.

Unfortunately on trying it today I quickly discovered the main limitation -
that you can't import a boolean condition expression from a master file into
another file. As I manage my existing condition combinations all the time in
this way this is a problem. I'm going to look into the possibility of
handling it via FrameScript but first thought I'd check here in case anyone
has any workarounds.

Also, having created several expressions in the Expression drop-down list I
cannot figure out how to remove the ones I don't want from the dropdown. I'm
sure that's just me being unfamiliar with it but could someone advise?


Alexandra Wilowska

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