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>I have an FM file that is 14 MB with lots of Visio embedded 
>drawings in different conditionalized rows of the tables.
>Now, each time I do a compare, FM crashes on me. The corrupted 
>file (with the .fm.c57 extension) shows that all the figs are 
>Does anyone have a solution for this? Could it be a simple 
>matter of adding more memory to the computer?

This is the totally predictable result of *embedding* graphics 
in Frame.  Don't do it!  Always, always, always include all
graphics by reference.  The only fix (short of reverting to
an earlier version where graphics still work) is to re-import
the corrupted graphics, this time by reference.

If you want to fix this before it becomes a disaster, you
can use the demo version of Mif2Go to export all graphics
in their original format, losslessly.  You do not have to
buy Mif2Go to do this, just install the demo:

The User's Guide has detailed instructions in par. 2.5.2, 
"Replacing embedded graphics with referenced graphics".


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