It sounds as if you have (another) corrupted file....

If it was my book, I'd delete the Index file from the disk. Then copy
in the properly formatted Index file from your template, making sure
to name it exactly as the deleted file was named.

Open the book, and update, and see what you have.


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On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Nancy Allison <maker at> wrote:
> Hi, all. I have a new problem. When I generate an index, as usual the
> result is unformatted; however, it doesn't look like a regular
> freshly-generated index. It looks as if it's using a master page from my
> TOC file.
> But I've checked; only the correct IOM master pages are in the IOM file.
> When I use Format/page layout/master page usage and apply the master
> pages as I have done a million times before, nothing changes on the body
> pages. (It's easy to tell, because all my IOM master pages have two
> columns. The weird generated page has only one.)
> I've tried everything, including creating a new book file from scratch.
> Every generated file I add (TOC, LOF, LOT) is perfectly formatted EXCEPT
> the IOM, which continues the same weirdness as before.
> I've tried importing formats from my clean template IOM, which works
> fine in *its* book file.
> No dice.
> Helllllp!
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