Another possibility. I have been thinking of buying this font (link
below) rather than use "Symbol", but have held off since I would not
have a major need for most of this stuff yet.

But they do *seem* to look reasonable ... anyone want to spring for it
and let us know how good this font is (at various sizes and inside PDF
files)? :)


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Brian Lamborn asked:> I have been searching for how to insert a greater
than or equal 
> to symbol (a less than or equal to symbol would be useful, too) 
> into my document. I am using Arial font, if that help.
> According to the User Guide that came with the application, I 
> should be able to do this by pressing ctrl+q, 3. It doesn't work. 
> I have also searched the character sets pdf that is loaded with 
> the application. I have searched Google. I can't seem to get it 
> to work.
The less-or-equal and greater-or-equal symbols only exist in the
Unicode version of Arial (at code points 2264 and 2265), and there 
are a bunch of niggling details (and maybe a few not so niggling ones) 
regarding Unicode that don't yet work properly in FrameMaker 8.0, 
which is the first version that supports Unicode at all.

The most reliable approach to incorporating these symbols is the
old-fashioned way, by using the appropriate characters in the 
Symbol font, which occupy code points in the base range. The
easiest approach is to use the Windows shortcut for special 
characters: hold down the Alt key and then type the 4-digit 
character code on the numeric keypad. For the less-or-equal 
symbol the character code is 0163, and for greater-or-equal
the character code is 0179. And of course you have to format 
the character as Symbol rather than Arial (which will produce a 
pound Sterling symbol or a superscript 3 at the specified code 

-Fred Ridder   

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