I am using Unstructured FrameMaker 8 on Windows XP. I also have Acrobat
8 Standard.

I have several wiring diagrams in DWG format that I need to import into
a FrameMaker file. Because of the size and detail of these diagrams,
they must be printed on Ledger (11x17) sized paper. I print the drawing
from AutoCAD to PDF. I can open and print the PDF from Acrobat Standard
and it looks perfect.

However, when I import (by reference) this same file into a Ledger-sized
page in FrameMaker, all of the lines look (and print) thicker, which
makes all of the small details illegible. In the object details, Frame
says that it is scaled 100%. Considering that the file is imported by
reference, shouldn't it look the same way? Does anyone have any

Thanks for any help!

Adrianne Mora

Technical Writer

Please take care of the environment, print only if necessary.

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