HI All,
I thank you for your suggestions, however...
I am not at liberty to change the workflow of the docs.
Since many engineers use the same FM files to update the various info in the 
files, the Visios must remain embedded OLEs (as Art rightfully corrected me) 
for the engineers to update and not have to remember where to take what file 
from or have the need to create graphics folders.

That said, after re-thinking/looking at the file and with Shlomo Peretz's help, 
I realized that my real culprit was conditional text gone awry.
I'll explain, when I saved that FM8 file as FM7, it kept two conditional tags 
created by FM8, but not accessible by FM8. My engineer, when he applied the 
tags for some of the text in the file, put 2 tags as NOT IN - causing all the 
rest of the tags to be applied to the text, which is not how I work the book 
(yes, I know, I should have communicated this better to the engineer, in any 
In the meantime, I open the FM7 file in FM8 and save.
In order to fix the tag situation, I did Control-F7 to highlight all the 
incorrectly tagged material. Then I de-applied the incorrect tags and thought I 
had left only one conditional tag on the text. It should have been seen in 
yellow, however the color did not change at all. Low and behold, below you see 
the crazy FM8_Track_changes_deleted and FM8_Track_changes_added conditional 
tags at the bottom status bar indicating these conditions are applied to my 
text, but they do not appear in the conditional text dialog box.
So, in an effort to rid myself of this nusance - I tried to completely untag 
the info (Control-6) - This only causes the text to now be marked as if track 
changes deleted was on and mark it in red strikethrough.
So I play with it a little more, and then - wham - FM8 has lost all its senses 
and decided to die on me.
I guess it didn't know what to do with those extra tags either, especially 
since I didn't have track changes on and have never had track changes on in FM8 
- just because the engineers have FM7 and cant' handle it.
(I may have confused the order of what I did - it was early this morning - 
about 14 hours ago)

IN SHORT, the solution to this mess is to delete the extra tags in 
**FM7**(there they are regular conditional text tags that can be 
edited/deleted) - preferrably before the engineer gets hold of them, or at 
least afterwards, before messing with the file.

Thanks again for your help.
Best Regards,

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I agree with you guys, but the client of the moment is using a
home-grown conversion program to generate HTML that requires GIFs or
PNGs. So I've been using them more than (my preference too) PNGs.


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On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Fred Ridder <docudoc at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Art Campbell wrote:
>> Yeah, I was including PDF as a viable graphic format to use to replace
>> the OLE, just didn't call it out.
>> However, PNG has been working really well from Visio 2007. So far. ;- )
> But it seems a shame to convert a vector graphic to a raster image
> unless one of the deliverables will be HTML.
> PDF retains the vector properties of the original and is highly portable.
> If portability is not an issue and everyone is careful to only use
> universally available fonts (since the file format embeds only the font
> *name* and not the font itself), WMF works well for Visio graphics
> in my experience.
> -Fred Ridder

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