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> However, the anchored frame in col. 2 of the table inserts an extra line
> above itself while the embedded text in column one does not. My clunky
> workaround is to insert a carriage return or <HRT> above the text which
> lines up the graphic and text OK, but the result is far too much space
> above the resulting output, i.e. page AND table. I have tried adjusting
> the "above PGF", but this does not seem to be respected in FM table
> format. "Cell margins" does not seem to work either since they apply to
> the whole table. Is there a baseline solution here?

Robert, If you set the anchored frame containing the graphic to "run 
into Paragraph" and alignment left, then the frame will align with the 
top of the text in the left column, because it pushes the anchor point 
to the right.
See http://www.daube.ch/docu/fm-kurs/handout.pdf (page 323) for 

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