I have done the following:

1. Create a dummy file of your template with no paragraph or character

2. Import the paragraph or character tags you wish to "fix" into the
dummy file and fix them there.

3. In the dummy file, delete all tags except those you fixed.

4. Open a target book and select all files that have the offending tags.

5. In the selected files, import ONLY the "fixed" tags from the dummy
file and let them overwrite tags of the same name.

This goes a lot faster in practice than in the telling.
I keep a dummy file on my desktop for this purpose...regards, Kelly.

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Hi Frame experts

I have FM files with long lists of paragraph and character formats.
up this list and getting rid of some formats is not an option because
are structured FM files, generated from XML files. Some formats have
size 11 pt, others 13 pt and I wish to set the font size for these
to 10 pt in 1 go (or I can live with 2 goes as well ;-)).

So, is there a Framescript or plug-in which can "Update All Paragraph
Catalog Entries which have font size 11 pt and/or 13 pt"?

If not, I guess a search & destroy in the MIF file will have to do the



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