Jack DeLand wrote:
> I have inherited some docs that have a huge number (dozens) of color 
> definitions, all in RGB values. I want to edit these down to about 10 
> entries that I actually need. Is there a fast and easy way to do this?

If these are colors with names something like "RGB256,256,256", they 
are likely to be artifacts from inserting graphics (I think it was only one
particular file format and had something to do with the color depth, but 
that doesn't really matter in this context), and the easiest way to get 
rid of them is to use the MIF filters to "wash" the document. Use Save As 
to save the file in MIF format, then open the MIF file and use Save As to 
re-save it in .fm format. Or if you have a lot of files to clean, you might
want to download and install the demo version of Mif2Go and use the 
"Wash Via MIF" command that the tool adds to FrameMaker's File menu.

-Fred Ridder

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