Avi Makeler wrote:

> How can I split a table in the middle?

Tables should automatically split across pages as necessary.
But note that they will only split on row boundaries; they will
*never* break in the middle of a row. And also note that if 
you create any cells that straddle multiple rows, that creates
an unbreakable block of rows. There are also several other
things that will affect where (and sometime *whether*) a table
will break across pages. If the "orphan row" setting in the Table
Designer is too large, the table may break in an unexpected place
because of the minimum number of rows you have set. If any
rows have their Row Format properties set to keep with next
or keep with previous, that can affect where a table splits. 
And if you set "Start Row" to top of page or top of column,
you will force a page break above the selected row; but this 
is generally not a good idea to do this rather than letting the 
table break adjust automatically as you add and delete text 
before it.

> I have a table followed immediately by a heading. How do I add a new text
> paragraph between the table and the heading?

Place the insertion point at the beginning of the heading and press
Enter; then retag the paragraph to an appropriate body text format.

One thing to realize about tables in FrameMaker is that they are 
packaged as self-contained objects that are anchored to a single
symbol in your main text flow. If you want to insert text (or a new
paragraph) immediately above the table, you have to place the 
insertion point immediately to the left of the table's anchor symbol.
If you want to insert a new paragraph immediately below a table,
you need to place the insertion point immediately to the right of
the anchro symbol or lese in the very beginning of the existing
following paragraph. This is completely unlike MS Word where the 
paragraphs in a table are in the main text flow but simply happen
to be arranged in a cell-like array.

-Fred Ridder 

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