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>I've run into a very frustrating situation in creating index entries
>where, if I'm using  <Emphasis> .... <Default Para Font> combination
>to italicize certain entries or portions of entries, it plays havoc
>with the next entries in the list, the regenerated index combines the
>next entry into the one I italicized.
>I cannot figure out what the problem is... or if this is a known bug with 
>FM 8.0
>Here's an example....
>Munich Medical Weekly (publication)
>     Jesionek's article 110, 111
>     Sauerbruch/Gerson collaboration 92, 96
>      von Weisl/Gerson collaboration 143
>       84-93
>[Note the 84-93 appearing on a new line at the end... This is really a
>completely different entry...
>Munich, Germany  84-93
>Here is how I have the entries coded:
><Emphasis>Munich Medical Weekly <Default Para Font>(publication):
>Jesionek's article
><Emphasis>Munich Medical Weekly <Default Para Font>(publication):
>Sauerbruch/Gerson collaboration
><Emphasis>Munich Medical Weekly <Default Para Font>(publication): von
>Weisl/Gerson collaboration
><$startrange>Munich, Germany
><$endrange>Munich, Germany
>On a related problem, If I have an entry that needs to be completely
>italicized, such as New York Times,
>I've found that italicizing it as <Emphasis>New York Times<Default
>Para Font> will cause the entry to completely disappear!!! from the
>regenerated index and the page numbers will roll up into the previous
>(completely unrelated) index entry.

There is a FM8 bug related to character formats in index entries, causing 
the sort to be incorrect. (this is also present in FM8.0p277).

Workaround: add a space before the character tag in the index entry, and 
the page numbers will be sorted properly.

For example:
<$startrange>Plot Setup <Emphasis>
<$endrange>Plot Setup <Emphasis>

And likewise:
"Plot Setup <Emphasis>" and "Plot:Setup <Emphasis>"

With respect to the disappearing entries: there was a bug in earlier FM8.0 
releases were character formats used in markers for multi-level entries 
containing the same text caused some entries to be missing in the generated 
index. But this should have been fixed FM8.0p273.

What is your FM8.0 release version?

Shlomo Perets

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