Responding to Avi's question, Art Campbell wrote:

> Create a character style with the correct attributes.
> Apply it to something.
> Copy Special > Character Style.
> Find, specifying the bold text, and replace by pasting.

Note that the Copy Special is Character *Format* rather than 
Character *Style*, and that's actually an important distinction.
When you use Copy Special, FrameMaker copies all of the current
selections font format characteristics, including the explicit font 
and size settings as well as the character tag that you really 
want to propagate. If you copy the format from a chunk of 
body text (for example, 11 pt TNR bold with the Bold character
tag applied) and then paste onto a selection in a heading (say
14 pt Helvetica non-bold), you will get a chunk of 11 pt TNR 
in the middle of that heading.

-Fred Ridder

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