Responding to Avi Makeler, Art Campbell wrote:> Yes it is, assuming you have 
the related conditional text setting turned ON.
But I think this is the correct answer to a different question than what 
Avi was asking. The answer is correct in the sense that any text that 
appears in the PDF (i.e. by virtue of the condition being set to show)
will be searchable *as text*.  But it seems clear that Avi was asking 
whether its possible to find arbitrary content by its FrameMaker markup. 
As far as I know, that is not possible because Acrobat's search function
is strictly text-based (at least as of Acrobat 7.0 Pro, which is still the 
standard version at my current employer). As far as I know, FrameMaker's
condition markup is only preserved as character appearance (e.g. indicator
colors) in PDF, and I knw I know of no way to have Acrobat search for
content based on appearance rather than the presence of a specific 
text string.

-Fred Ridder

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