Looks good. The demo is well worth the time.

Couple of observations:
1. It seems to be fairly slow in response. Maybe that was just the  
computer being used, but one would think that a demo would be created  
to minimise those kinds of things. Even Photoshop seemed quite fast by  
comparison. Is it sluggish?
2. It seems very clicky, I am hoping the keyboard commands have not  
been lost or changed excessively. One of the min reasons I use FM is  
through having the ability to virtually leave the mouse alone while  
chunking through a 600-odd page book.
3. There was no mention of backwards compatibility. Will it save to  
4. Interesting to see the integration with Adobe AIR. Do many people  
use it - it is very expensive at some NZD70000 per license?
5. The new pdf review workflow looks seriously cool!
6. The TechCom suite looks thoroughly integrated. Will having FM on  
its own lose some of those features, like the integration with Acrobat  
and Photoshop? Already having both negates the value of buying the  
suite you see.


Alan Litchfield MBus(Hons), MNZCS
PO Box 1941, Auckland, NZ. 1140

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