Thanks Carla,

On 22/01/2009, at 3:53 AM, Martinek, Carla wrote:
> ===================
> You will notice that the F8 and F9 shortcuts DO NOT work the same as
> previous versions.

This is really really bad. So what you're saying is that it only  
responds to the first letter you press and if you press the second it  
then jumps to the style that starts with that, if there is one?

Sorry, but I have never had any faith in Adobe's desire to listen. In  
general our requests for changes have gone unheard/ignored.

I think that may well be a deal breaker for me - all the other good  
stuff aside. I use FM purely as a production tool. I use it because it  
is not a DTP app. and I need to get through large amounts of text  
without fussing with the program. This changes renders FM about as  
useful for me as InDesign.


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