In my experience (especially following recent conversations with our
services guys), user preference for print vs PDF changes quite a lot
with industry, country, and what the user's other product documentation
is like. 
For example, in US hospitals, many users like the printed docs and see
them as a sign of respect and our corporate ability as well as being a
means to find intformation. 
German culture is much more green-minded than ours, so among our German
customers, especially in manufacturing, printed docs are anathema, proof
that we ignorant Americans will destroy our planet in short order.
We normally ship a printed doc set with every purchase, but we are
considering revising that, at least in the EMEA business area, to be a
free option. 

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Quick Survey:

Is it your experience that users view PDF documentation on their
computer display in preference to printing it for use?

If so, by what ratio of view:print? Opinions and SWAGs are fine.

Kelly M. McDaniel

Senior Technical Writer

Pavilion Technologies

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