Robert Shelton wrote: 

> What you say may very well be true, though I'd be reluctant to say
> a tree farm = forested land. However, the cite you give is from John
> Stossel, who is hardly unbiased when it comes to reporting
> issues. Again, it may be true, but I'd take it with a very large grain
> of salt.
> And as we've now gone completely off-topic, I'll stop.

You're right, and I'll stop too. Right after this. :-)

John Stossel is one of my heroes, but I won't debate his character and
reliability here. 

If you don't trust that source, try a Google search for "more forest
today" (with quotes included). You'll find a variety of sources for
related information, including state government and academic sources. 

Anyway, John Sgammato is completely right, of course. If your customers
think badly of people who send them printed manuals, you'd be foolish to
spend the money to send them printed manuals. 

That's why I said "Print stuff when it makes sense, don't when it


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