On the off-chance that you were not joking and on behalf of Adobe,
let me assure you that Adobe has no "built-in timer in FM itself" for
any purpose of forcing users to upgrade to "make money selling upgrades."

The only so called "timers" in any Adobe products are associated with
controlling test releases and trial versions of our products.

And NO, FrameMaker 9 does NOT officially support Visio. It supports OLE
and to the degree that a particular combination of Visio and Windows works
together to specification, Visio is "supported" in that manner. Personally,
given Microsoft's tepid support for OLE these days, I would more likely
recommend playing Russian Roulette than using OLE with FrameMaker or any
other application!

        - Dov

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> Dear Richard Combs,
> I appreciate your detailed response. Actually, I had posted a message 
> realated to Visio?sometime
> around late?August 2008 on the framers?list. There were?some good responses, 
> but there was no real
> solution. The problem was triggered by XP?SP3 upgrade that?altered something 
> in the OS which caused FM
> to become hostile to Visio, or perhaps it was triggered by some sort of 
> built-in timer in FM itself.
> (I guess Adobe makes?money?by selling?upgrades!)
> Yes, we?moved Visio files as OLE objects into FM. Naturally, it does have the 
> application
> overhead,?but?the output is better and making any changes is easier. Some of 
> our? engineering drawings
> are done in Visio and it makes it easier for us to stick to that format.
> Adobe Tech Support told me few days ago that FM9 does support Visio. I will 
> download the trial version
> and try it and see how it works.
> Again, thanks for sharing you experience.
> Best regards
> Tarlochan S. Nahal
> Sr. Technical Writer
> Atheros Communications, Inc.
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> Subject: RE: FM 9 Upgrade - Please share your views
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> Date: Friday, January 23, 2009, 1:50 PM
> Tarlochan S. Nahal wrote:
> > We are?a small Tech Pubs group using FM 7.2 on Windows XP platform.
> > Recently, it started to behave strangly and refused to import any Visio
> > drawings. There seems to be no known cure for it with the current setup.
> > Maybe it was?automatic Windows?SP upgrade that did the mischief. It
> > suddenly stopped accepting Visio drawings in their native format (.vsd).
> > The situation is so bad that even if we can import a Visio drawing, we are
> > not able to save the document until we purge that drawing!
> FM has _never_ been able to import native Visio files. You weren't
> previously importing _files_, you were importing OLE2 _objects_ (complete with
> all the Visio application overhead and potential instability). If you moved an
> FM file containing those OLE2 links onto a PC that didn't have Visio
> installed, the links would be broken, even if the Visio files were there. The
> links open Visio.
> IMHO, OLE linking and embedding was never a very good idea except for casual,
> occasional use.
> There was some discussion on this list a while ago about an XP upgrade that
> introduced the more serious problem you're seeing. Use Google to search the
> archives (by adding "site:lists.frameusers.com" after your search
> string) for posts about Visio import.
> I don't think upgrading to FM 9 will solve your problem. Unless it was
> added very late in the development cycle (I haven't used the released
> version), FM 9 doesn't have a Visio file import filter either.
> Assuming you have the full version of Acrobat, the best way to include Visio
> drawings is to make PDFs and import those into FM. Your archive search should
> turn up a post or three of mine discussing this.
> All that said, upgrading to FM 9 offers a number of other benefits. It 
> supports
> Unicode (introduced in FM 8), which is a big deal if your docs need to be
> translated. It has a very slick, highly configurable new interface. It can
> import comments/edits from a review PDF and manage them through the Track Text
> Edits feature. Books are much more flexible in FM 9 -- they can be nested,
> contain folders, etc. And there's lots of new stuff relating to structure,
> all of which means nothing to me right now. :-)
> FM 9 can open older FM docs, but it can only save back to FM 8 (in binary
> form). You can save as a 7.2-compatible MIF file, however. Any older files you
> open, templates or not, are converted to FM 9 format when you save them.
> So by all means, upgrade. But you'll still need to change your workflow
> regarding Visio.
> PDF, I tell you! PDF! :-)
> Richard

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