We are one FrameMaker 7 and ePublisher 2008.3

We noticed that when we generated the html output of our FM source files
using ePublisher, the fonts for some of our paragraph formats were
altered.  We looked at the Cascading Style Sheet and noticed that
paragraph formats that contained a period in the format name came across
in the css with the value '002e' substituted for the period.  When we
looked into ePublisher's help we discovered the warning from ePublisher
that paragraph format names should not contains periods as they cause
issues when the css is created.   

So we now realize we have to create new paragraph formats in Frame that
do not have any periods in the names.

Does anyone know if there is a find and replace feature in Frame that
would allow us to replace text tagged with the offending paragraph
format to use another paragraph format that has a supported format name.

Thanks in advance,


Mark Eichelberger
Senior Technical Writer
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