The following text is from the adobe site (

"Importing of comments from PDF files

Easily gather and incorporate review comments from subject matter experts 
and other colleagues. Use the Track Text Edits feature and a new user 
interface to efficiently manage review processes."

So it is possible according to the "new feature list".

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Re: New Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 and newAdobeeLearningSuite

>> I'm bummed out if it's true that the standalone version of FM9 doesn't
>> share the integrated PDF review capability of TCS. I would really like 
>> that
>> feature, but FM is the only product I need from that suite, since I 
>> CS4 Design Premium. There's no way I'm going to pay $1299 to upgrade
>> and then be forced into the more expensive upgrade path for future
>> versions, too.

> When you say integrated PDF review, do you mean that when someone
> makes a comment on a PDF when in review, you can import those changes
> and comments into the Frame file, instead of having to copy and paste 
> and then edit your text?

Yes. I just went back and looked at the online video. They are calling it 
"PDF shared review," but there is not one word of mention of it in the FM9 

user guide, nor of the File> Save as PDF (Send For Review) menu item in 
I can see in my existing Acrobat 9 Pro an option to Send for Shared 
so it's clear that I can send a PDF for review, and get back the changes, 
but not clear if the standalone version of FM9 can import the changes 
directly into FM9-- or if that's a feature available only in the TCS 
of FM9.

Mike Wickham


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