I apologize for straying slightly off topic, especially since as a loyal
framer I appreciate the lack of extraneous postings that bloat other
digests. However, I am v. eager to find a RoboHelp digest. Does anyone
know of one out there? Have googled to no avail. As a Framer / WebWorks
user I am interested in hearing how the new release of RoboHelp is
shaping up. We recently downloaded the trial of FrameMaker 9, and it is
v. beautiful. Warning to other Framers: playing with the trial of
FrameMaker 9 for only a short time will make going back to earlier
versions of FrameMaker painful. :) I love the docked windows and
customizable, updated interface of FM 9!
Callie Bertsche
Technical Writer
Tecplot, Inc.

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