Hmm -
what does the 'improved CMYK support' in Frame 9 entail? MY CMYK
colour definitions (Pantone Process) still get converted to RGB if I
set the joboptions to, 'leave colour as is.' - And I just note that p.
446 of the manual still says that the default is CMYK -> RGB
conversion. However, the next paragraph tells me: "if you deselect
this option [which one?] Framemaker preserves CMYK colours." What am I
missing, what option can I deselect to preserve my CMYK views (I only
import *.eps, so that's not the issue.)?

I know that in the pdf joboptions I can turn on, "convert all colours
to cmyk", but that gives me CMYK (colour 'view') -> RGB -> CMYK, and
my Pantone percentages get all mixed up in the process. How do I
preserve my CMYK colour definitions without going through RGB?


Michael Heine
London, ON

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