Thanks Art and others who replied! Such a great solution. It does drive
my page count up (I wish there was also a way to make the footnote
number itself not as "super" of a superscript in line with the text),
but definitely a relief to easily fix the problem! How could I have
missed that little checkbox.



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        In the paragraph format, check the Fixed Space checkbox. That
turns off the extra space used by the superscript characters.


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        On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:30 PM, Callie Bertsche
<c.bertsche at> wrote:

                Does anyone know of a way to add footnotes in a FM
document without
                disrupting the line spacing? Every time I add a
footnote, it increases
                the line spacing just for the line that includes the
footnote reference
                number. It's driving one of my product owners crazy, so
I'm looking for
                a solution. We noticed that in Word 2007, this problem
is solved by
                having a little larger default line spacing, into which
a footnote ref
                number comfortably fits. I tried increasing the line
spacing of the
                paragraph in FM, though, and it hasn't helped. I've also
tried adjusting
                the footnote settings in Format > Document > Footnote
properties, but
                the only thing I can do there to help is adjust the
position to
                Superscript, Baseline, or Subscript, and although
Baseline results in no
                line spacing change, the number no longer looks like a

                I'm grateful for any suggestions! If you reply to me
directly I'll
                receive it the fastest, since I have Framers set on
Digest mode.

                Callie Bertsche
                Technical Writer

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