I don't know if this will help, but the Excel2007 Help provides the
following information on linking to a specific sheet within a workbook:

Note   You may find it more convenient to create an external reference link
without opening the workbook on the Web. For each cell in the destination
workbook where you want the external reference link, click the cell, and
then type an equal sign (=), the URL (Uniform Resource Locator (URL): An
address that specifies a protocol (such as HTTP or FTP) and a location of an
object, document, World Wide Web page, or other destination on the Internet
or an intranet, for example: http://www.microsoft.com/.) address, and the
location in the workbook. For example: 


Note that the link has a keyword 'Sheetx'. I would think that Frame could
use this syntax in openfile <filename>.

Maybe something like:

Message openfile \workbooks\myworkbook.xlsSheetx!A1

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Does anyone know if it is possible, and, if so, the correct syntax for a 
hypertext link from a FrameMaker doc to an Excel worksheet?
Message openfile <filename> successfully opens the Excel workbook, but I 
want to designate a specific tab (worksheet) in the workbook as my


Ted Poulos


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