Here's a method that nobody's mentioned yet. It's not complete or
perfect, but it may be useful:

* Create a TOC that extracts all the heading paragraph formats that
you want in an outline. Be sure to check Make Hypertext Links. The TOC
can be for a single document or a book.

* Modify the *TOC paragraph formats to indent the way you want.

* Format the TOC page to a narrow column, and a height that's readable
when zoomed to full-height on your screen.

* Set the zoom to Fit Page to Text Frame.

* Arrange your screen with the narrow outline frame next to the
document page frame.

* Use Frame's Ctrl+Alt+Click on a heading in the TOC to move the
insertion point to that heading, so you can edit at that location.

* Regenerate the TOC


- To make the links in the TOC active with a single click, instead of
with Ctrl+Alt+Click: tap Escape, tap Shift+F, tap k. The same sequence
restores editabiity.

- To reuse the outline TOC, save it to a new name. This is handy if
you've moved stuff and then need to restore the original order.

- Save the "real" TOC with a new name, and save a copy of the narrow
outline TOC to a new name. When you want to generate the real TOC,
close the outline TOC and delete or rename it, then open the real TOC,
save it to the correct name, and generate.



Peter Gold
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