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Entering text in a right-to-left language is not a function of FrameMaker, 
but of Windows. Most settings for the language are made in 

Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
1. Set all numeric, date, time, and language settings for the region (note 
almost all Arabic-speaking countries have different settings available).
2. Under the Languages tab, select "Install files for complex script and 
right-to-left languages".
3. If you have non-US keyboards or other text entry devices, select 
Details (still under the Languages tab) and add the services installed on 
your computer. *
4. If your text does not use Unicode, under the Advanced tab, select the 
code page conversion tables.

* Note it is possible to use a US keyboard, although you need to learn the 
keyboard layout that will usurp the US layout when you have the 
right-to-left language invoked.

Now in FrameMaker or any other software, set the Format > Font and/or 
Paragraph Designer > Default Font for displaying the right-to-left 
language in the Paragraph Styles for the language.

By displaying Windows Language bar, you can easily switch from one 
language format or keyboard layout to another. 

!    I've experienced some bugs in the Language bar or multiple 
availability of keyboard layouts, where the keyboard layout occasionally 
switches without warning--though this may be from use of some function-key 
!    Microsoft has incompletely supported Farsi, though they claim that 
their support is fully implemented. Two important letters are 
inaccessible. The same may be true for Hebrew and some Indic languages. It 
appears that more "purely" Arabic languages are fully supported.
!    I haven't experimented with using Unicode for text entry.

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