Alan Litchfield wrote: 

> Yeah. I took a double take on what Art said too.
> So does that mean that Adobe have buggered up the pdf output engine? Or is
> it
> that the nested pdfs already contain RGB colour definitions and those are
> carried through to the final output, in the same way that eps acts as a
> wrapper for the postscript colour definitions in images?

The latter explanation sounds highly likely, but only testing will tell. 

That said, it doesn't affect my use of PDFs from Visio (my deliverables are 
PDFs, not print) -- which is a good thing, because I'll bet dollars to 
doughnuts that PDFs made from Visio are RGB. 

Leah, if you need CMYK PDFs from Visio (or most Windows apps), I suspect the 
solution is the Publi PDF software described yesterday afternoon by Jacob 
Sch?ffer of Grafikhuset ( 


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