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> Good afternoon, I am working on a manual and have to create hyperlinks
> to other chapters. Could someone tell me how to do this .

Do you understand the difference in FM between hypertext and
cross-references, and are you sure you need the former? If you're not
certain, look up "cross-references" and "hypertext" in the manual or
online help. 

I'm guessing you're new to FM, and what you really need is
cross-references. That means you may also need to read about
cross-reference formats (unless the manual already contains the ones
you're supposed to use). 

The actual procedure for creating a cross-reference is simple: Select
Special > Cross-Reference. In the dialog, select the Document (must be
open). Set Source Type to Paragraph Tags, and in the Paragraph Tags
list, select the pgf type. In the Paragraphs list, find and select the
paragraph to link to. Set Format to the xref format you want, and click

It doesn't make a lot of difference for this issue, but generally when
you post a question to the list, it helps to provide a bit more context
about what you're trying to do and the environment in which you're doing
it -- what version of FM, OS, etc.


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