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>I have had limited success with this and previously posted up inquiries but
>received no replies. Still looking for some guidance or assistance.
>I'm using Standard Framemaker, version 7.2 and Acrobat 8.1.3 Professional
>I use Microsoft Front Page for editing the HTML side of things with a frame
>going down the left and side of the screen which launches a PDF of a manual,
>broken down by chapter. I have discovered that, yup, the HTML side will
>allow a user navigate to the PDF, but when using cross-references in PDFs
>from within a document to within another document, the "navigation" doesn't
>1.If a user is in Chapter 1...and there is a direct link to Chapter 5
>(chapter to chapter), the navigation works and it works well. ...
>3.Now, if a user is at Paragraph 1.14.3 and attempts to go to
>Paragraph 5.3.7, the cross-reference between chapters will take the user to
>Chapter its beginning and not the intended "target" of Paragraph 5.3.7.

When a cross-file link opens the target PDF but on the default opening page 
instead of the destination specified, this typically indicates that the 
named destination is not present in the target PDF.

I suggest starting by verifying that all links are fully-functional when 
the PDFs are opened locally in Acrobat/Reader.

[ In FrameMaker-authored PDFs, a common reason for random bad links is 
having "Create Named Destinations for All Paragraphs" turned off in 
FrameMaker's PDF setup, Links tab. ]

Shlomo Perets

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