Nancy Allison wrote:

> Hi, all. I've just created two master pages in one document, and I
> like to import **only** those two master pages into several other
> templates.
> Is there a way to do this?

It depends... 

Are these custom master pages, or changes you've made to the default
Left and Right? If the latter, you're home free -- just delete any other
master pages from the doc (or a copy), and you're ready to import from
it. In the destination doc, select File > Import Formats, select the
source doc, deselect everything except Page Layouts, and click Import.

If the two you've created are custom master pages, there's a rub: you
can't delete the default Left and Right pages, so importing master pages
from this source doc will import the default ones as well. 

If the defaults are the same in the source as the destination (or can be
made so easily), it's no problem -- just delete any other custom pages
you don't want to propagate, and import away.

Alternatively, I'm sure it's possible, using FrameScript or FrameAC, to
import only custom master pages, but I don't recall seeing a script that
does that. 


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