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>I have a sequence of detailed .avi animations exported from the free version
>of Sketchup. I want to embed them, or encode variants, into FrameMaker 8.2
>so they generate normal .pdf files. However, although FM advertises that it
>can, it cannot, and one gets an "Oh-so-UNCLICKABLE" square in the .pdf.
>Having bought Adobe flash tool, I can embed the flash file .fl4 or .swf
>after the pdf is produced,  but this seems to defeat the purpose of this
>well advertised asset of FM 8.2.   ...

In FrameMaker/Windows (all versions), you can establish a link to a file 
(carried over as a link in a PDF file), by using the "message openfile 
filename" hypertext marker (no quotes, filename replaced with the specific 
file to be launched by the PDF link).

The linked file may of any file type that can be handled in the end-user 
system, and it is displayed using the associated application (after a 
standard security message is displayed).

You may be referring to FM7.2 (as there is no FM8.2), but in any case, even 
with FM9.0, AVI can only be added through OLE and will not be clickable in 
the PDF.

In FM8.0 or FM9.0, you can include SWF (and U3D) in FM files, that will be 
interactive/clickable in the PDF.

[ Full control over multimedia in PDFs authored in FrameMaker is possible 
through FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers + Multimedia Assistant add-ons.
See comparison between native FM and FM+TS+Multimedia Asst capabilities at , sample 
PDFs at  ]

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